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Let the Florence E. Browne Funeral Home family care for your family during this difficult season of bereavement. In business since 1912, our full service funeral home is well known for it's compassionate, professional & excellent service. Our staff is always available to assist you through the grieving process.

For many years Florence E. Browne has served many communities locally and abroad. Feel free to visit our Funeral Home located in the Village of Harlem, New York. Our Service Family would be more than happy to sit and answer your questions regarding funeral arrangements, cremations & pre-arrangements. In addition, we provide notary services as well as referrals for anyone desiring professional grief counseling.


Since 1912, The Florence E. Browne Funeral Home Family has been honored to serve your family with love, compassion and dignity. We have accomplished the vision of Florence E. Browne to enhance the community and strengthen the family during the most difficult seasons of their lives and we have accomplished it from our location at 436 Lenox Avenue! We have allowed “opulence” to pass us by in order to keep our prices affordable and, as so many of you have commented, maintained a “homey” atmosphere where you felt confident your loved one would receive personal, loving care. Florence E. Browne Funeral home has become the latest casualty of the gentrification that allegedly demonstrates a “new more progressive” Harlem. There are a lot of things I could say, HOWEVER, I will remain in the Spirit that has undergirded this funeral service ministry for 103 years … WE WLL CONTINUE TO PRAISE THE LORD!!!

With both sadness but Joy that the GOD we serve does ALL things well, effective Saturday, November 1, 2015 we will become one Funeral Home with two places that our family may continue to serve your family. Florence E. Browne Funeral Home, Inc will be located at 427 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, New York (sharing space with A. Barrett Funeral Service) at the corner of Ralph and Bergen Streets. This means that we can now better, more efficiently serve those who have called upon us living in the Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island communities. In the Harlem community, we have been welcomed with open arms to share a space with the NEW Springfield Missionary Baptist Church located at 1880 Park Avenue, New York, New York directly on the corner of 128th Street! This location is a matter of minutes away from where you have always depended on us to care for you and your family during those difficult moments. As we did in the past, we will also be able to serve you in the comfort of your home. AND, in addition to these locations,, services are still available in the most sought after and popular houses of worship in the ti-state area! We have not lost our contacts

So again, effective SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2015 our location will change but our telephone number (212/283-5181), our fax (917/677-8224) and our email address ( febrowne@verizon.net) will ALL remain the same! You will have prompt attention from the same loving persons you have come to know and love!

Planning a Funeral


The funeral is an important step toward healing, not only for yourself, but for everyone who is affected by the loss of your loved one. There are a number of things to consider when putting someone’s final arrangements in place.

Which type of service will help you and your loved ones heal?

Having friends and family around you at a difficult time is the first step in the healing process. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral with a viewing or a contemporary service, we want to help you make the right decisions for you and the family and friends of your loved one.

At Times, people choose a fast service with little time for remembering a life lived. Having a funeral service with time to say goodbye and proper measures in place to ensure that your loved one is remembered now and in the future is important, not only for your healing, but for others as well.

Just imagine: Fifteen years from now, your loved one’s grandchildren will be able to get to know their grandfather thanks to our online memorial tribute pages. Click here to learn more.


Working Together

We know funerals and you know your loved one. Let’s work together to create a service that will pay a fitting tribute with the highest of standards. 

We’ll leave the details up to you. You can choose where, when and how to hold the service. You can choose the music you want played, the prayers that will be recited and the special services and personal touches that will help you honor a life well-lived. You make the decisions and leave the rest to us to make it happen.

Myriam Bayol





October 15, 1993 ~ Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 11 o’clock AM
Antioch Baptist Church

Myriam Johane Bayol was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on the night of October 15, 1993. She was the first-born child to Jean G. Bayol and Marie Jose Lamarre Bayol. When she was diagnosed with biliary atresia in June 1994 and had to spend six of her first fifteen months in a hospital, we knew then that God had special plans for her.

Myriam grew up to be a wonderful child full of passion for life no matter what was thrown at her. From 1997 to 2010, she breezed through elementary, middle, and high school with an exceptional brilliance that amazed her peers, her relatives, as well as her educators. Her name was always on top of all honor roll charts. Her dream was to become a registered nurse while she was attending Queensborough Community College for the past two years. Myriam departed this life on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at the end of a very mysterious month of hospital stay. She was just 20 years old. She leaves to cherish her memory her dad Jean, her mom Marie, and stepmom Marielle, one brother, Michael Bayol, one sister, Samantha Bayol, and a stepsister, Miriame Maxi. She also leaves to mourn her loss two grandmothers and a legion of uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, as well as extended family members too numerous to mention their names here. Anyone she was in contact with somehow became family to her. She was an inspiration to all.

Therefore, Myriam will always be remembered for the following:
Her brilliant mind and the desire to excel and make a difference in a world so cruel. Becoming a nurse would have helped her accomplish that goal.

Her leadership. Myriam always wanted to take the initiative and the lead in any activity and project she was involved in. At times, some people might think she was impatient and pushy.

Her modesty. Myriam never looked for the flashy appearance. Her petite physique and her reserved attitude helped her blend in circles that no one could have predicted.

Her compassion and loving care. All of Myriam’s dreams were deeply anchored in a compassionate heart. Very protective of her siblings Michael and Samantha, she wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to them or anyone else. She passionately loved her mommy and her daddy. Actually, there was enough room in her big heart for everyone.
Her motivation and determination. Myriam would never procrastinate. Since her early childhood, she learned how to stay focused on her goals and fight for what she believes is right, including fighting for a quality life.

Her love and dedication to God. Most of all, Myriam is a child of God. It is that love that inspired her joy and laughter, as well as her dedication to God’s people as she commented on the last book she was reading: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s love”. 2/11/14


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Patricia A. Morris Funeral Chapel, LLC formerly Florence E. Browne Funeral Home family care for your family during this difficult season of bereavement. In business since 1912, our full-service funeral home is well known for its compassionate, professional & excellent service. Our staff is always available to assist you through the grieving process.

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