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Our Contemporary yet comfortable Casket selection room has been carefully constructed to ease the selection process.

We are pleased to offer a large selection of Traditional Caskets and Containers that are designed to meet the needs of immediate cremation and burial requests. Also, keep in mind that all wooden caskets are suitable for services involving cremation as a means of final disposition. We currently have over 38 Caskets for you to choose from and are distinctly designed considering a broad range of wishes and desires.

All of our caskets and containers have been selected by us to provide a range of products that meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the families we serve.

If you are looking for a specific type of casket or manufacturer's model, please let us know and we will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs. If it is available, we will find it for you.



Patricia A. Morris Funeral Chapel, LLC formerly Florence E. Browne Funeral Home family care for your family during this difficult season of bereavement. In business since 1912, our full-service funeral home is well known for its compassionate, professional & excellent service. Our staff is always available to assist you through the grieving process.

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