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We are pleased to provide you with a full disclosure of our professional service charges.

To help you understand funeral costs we have prepared an outline of the categories that make up a funeral account. There are basically four sections that make up a funeral account: casket & merchandise selections, professional service charges, cash disbursements and taxes on applicable items.

To help consumers, The United States Federal Trade Commission requires that all funeral homes must provide an itemized General Price List of all of their related professional service charges upon entering into a funeral home and requesting information on services. It is also required that a casket and merchandise price lists be provided at the facility which clearly states individual charges. This General Price List must be available at the consumers' request without cost or obligation but should be provided without a request of such General Price List.

We pride ourselves on always being one of the most reasonably priced funeral homes in the area, although many expect our charges to be much higher given our level of professionalism, the quality of our facilities and our ethical standards. Consumers and families finally can learn first hand that there is a difference in the service we provide and they do not need to fall into the trap of the self proclaimed "cheapest funeral homes". Today, being good is not good enough. We trust that our services will give you one more reason to give us serious consideration when seeking a funeral home that is pro-actively working towards providing you the highest standards of services and facilities while offering sensible and affordable solutions with integrity.

Casket & Merchandise Selections

This section is specific to the casket that a family selects. All of our caskets and merchandise is priced separately - meaning the price you see for the casket is for the casket itself with no other items included. This can often become confusing to families. Some of the other types of merchandise you might find in these section of the funeral account are: burial vaults, cremation urns, and floral examples to assist in providing guidance of the distinct type of arrangements which are a demonstration of your unique wishes. Again, each merchandise item is itemized and based on your selection and a total is itemized under the "Casket & Merchandise Selections." As you may expect we will guide you, if needed, into making wise decisions evidently considering your financial budget, wishes and tastes.

Professional Service Charges

Professional Service charges include the services that we at the funeral home provide for your family at your time of need such as the use of our facilities, the arrangement services, our transportation services, and others.

Cash Advances

Cash Advances are just as they imply: to aid the families we serve, we will cover third party expenses and place them on our account as a convenience to make all the expenses easier to understand. By law it is to serve exclusively as a convenience and it is unlawful to charge more than what the third party charges may be. In other words Strict legislation ensures that these items are not marked up and only the exact "cost" is included on the funeral account. Typical cash disbursements might include:

  • Newspaper Notices
  • Clergy Honorariums
  • Cemetery Charges
  • Medical Examiner's Fees
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Cremation Permits
  • Death Certificates
  • Funeral Home Charges
  • Organist/Vocalist


Patricia A. Morris Funeral Chapel, LLC formerly Florence E. Browne Funeral Home family care for your family during this difficult season of bereavement. In business since 1912, our full-service funeral home is well known for its compassionate, professional & excellent service. Our staff is always available to assist you through the grieving process.

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